Little Brushwood's Blog

watercolor painting of Little Brushwood in a frame

Hi, I'm Little Brushwood!

I’m a Shiba Inu.

Maybe someday I will be all grown up, but today I am just a Little Pup.

Here are some stories I’d like to tell you, about the things that I happily do.

So pick up these books for your very own. Please read them to your kids until they’re grown!

The Unique Birthday Party

Pup was curious of what Mom put on her bed.

They were wiggling cupcakes to be placed on Pup’s head.

Mom said with a smile, “How adorable you are!”

As Little Brushwood stared into the tall mirror.

Mom wanted to celebrate her birthday today,

But everyone said they had to stay away.

So Mom got to open all of her gifts alone,

All while talking to each of her friends on the phone.

Mom’s birthday presents gave her some giggles and smiles.

One was three sunglasses for three different styles.

As Mom leaned in to say thanks to all of her friends,

She hugged Little Brushwood, snapped a pic, and hit send.

The Hide and Seek Boot

Mom was digging in the bottom of the closet.

She said, “Oh, this muddy boot. I need to wash it.”

But as she kept looking, she found only the one.

The search for boot two had officially begun.

Little Brushwood wanted to help find the lost boot.

So he stuck his nose in this one; Mom said, “How cute!”

Mom stood up and looked curiously to her right.

Little Brushwood ran up the stairs just out of sight.

Mom followed to check on where her pup was going.

Under the bathroom sink something was showing.

By its long shoestring strap he had tugged out boot two.

And that was the day he was given an old shoe.

The Booties Pup Wears

Playing alone has been a challenge this last year,

But Little Brushwood is waiting to spread some cheer.

He’s been given a gift by Grandma in the mail.

New booties for Pup make him wag his curly tail.

Pup tried on his new booties; they are not too tight.

Mom adjusted them for snugness; now they’re just right.

Little Brushwood wobbled as he took his first step,

But soon he was prancing with a bit of Pup pep.

His next adventure was to try a walk outside.

He knows he is ready with his Mom as his guide.

Out the door they both went with the leash in Mom’s hand.

Little Brushwood grinned with a look of “Yes, I can!”

The Day to Stay Home

Mom and Little Brushwood decided to stay home,

Mom had a sniffle and a cough with a low tone.

She’d caught a cold from the winters blustery air,

So she curled up and rested in her comfy chair.

That’s when Little Brushwood came to lay at her feet,

His fur and warm body helped Mom drift off to sleep.

He felt good to show loving care for someone else,

Little Brushwood chose to do that all by himself.

When Mom woke up she saw Little Brushwood asleep,

He was lying so peacefully on her warm feet.

Little Brushwood awoke and looked up at his Mom,

She said “Thank you Little Pup for keeping me warm.”

The Tree Climbing Squirrel

Little Brushwood looked out the living room window,

To see on the ground the new coating of fresh snow.

He poked through the crack of the two layered curtain,

Because in his mind he just had to be certain.

The window got fogged up from the breath of his nose,

But he saw something out there frozen in a pose.

A squirrel was holding a walnut in his grip,

The squirrels tail then did a flippity flip-flip.

He put the nut in his mouth and ran up the tree,

Stopping near a hole that was so easy to see.

Little Brushwood was happy the squirrel was nearby,

What a great day; a new friend and snow from the sky.

The Leaf Pile

Little Brushwood couldn’t count the leaves in that pile,

But he wanted to play for just a little while.

So he jumped in with all four paws spread out quite wide,

To see how deep the large pile of leaves was inside.

To nearly the bottom did Little Brushwood sink,

But then popped up his head and gave a smiling wink.

It’s amazing to jump in the leaves once or twice,

So happy to do it before the snow and ice.

Now his fur is full of colorful leaves and twigs,

But he soon leapt from the pile to do zags and zigs.

How is he to go inside with leaves on his fur?

Only Mom could now fix Pup’s coat, that is for sure.