Little Brushwood's Blog

watercolor painting of Little Brushwood in a frame

Hi, I'm Little Brushwood!

I’m a Shiba Inu.

Maybe someday I will be all grown up, but today I am just a Little Pup.

Here are some stories I’d like to tell you, about the things that I happily do.

So pick up these books for your very own. Please read them to your kids until they’re grown!

The Overnight Snowfall

Little Brushwood was let outside to run around,

As Mom saw some snow fell overnight to the ground.

Pup was wearing his new green colored knitted socks,

Stopping short of a few front yard landscaping rocks.

Last night’s snowfall had blanketed the whole front lawn,

Making even the sidewalk look completely gone.

Mom had brought her shovel to remove the fresh snow,

Shoveling it away with each step as she’d go.

Little Brushwood found it fun to watch the snow fly,

As Mom tried returning the cold snow to the sky.

Soon the path was cleared from the house to the driveway,

So that they could visit Grandma on her birthday.

The Hide and Seek Game

One of the fun things Little Brushwood gets to do

Is run around his backyard in the morning dew.

He used to like playing at the end of each day,

But now his favorite is backyard morning play.

Mom would get up early for her daily routine

As Little Pup would try to hide and not be seen.

Mom and Little Brushwood would play near the tall slide,

Then Mom would sit on the swing and enjoy a ride.

Little Pup would bark and give away where he was,

But soon come dance in the open on all four paws.

The backyard’s a great place to play safely and run,

And a hide and seek game is great Little Pup fun.

The Christmas Goldfish

Little Pup and Mom are going Christmas shopping,

So a pet store trip got him happily hopping.

Pup tried to get in the car, but needed a lift.

He went along to help pick out this Christmas gift.

When they arrived, the pet store was very busy.

Getting a goldfish gift might not be so easy.

The pet store lady was helpful and very kind,

Knowing exactly what they were trying to find.

The big wall of fish tanks on the side of the store

Offered a great chance to find goldfish and much more.

Mom and her pup enjoyed shopping during Christmas

To get a friend a new friend, a brand new goldfish.

The Backyard Bubbles

Pup likes his backyard fun; it’s great every day,

And today is an extra special day of play.

Mom brought out some bubbles for Little Pup to chase,

So chase Little Brushwood did with no time to waste.

Mom dipped the circular wand into the bottle,

Pulling it back out with a drip and a bobble.

Mom’s breath blew air to make the bubbles fly around,

And she watched her young pup jump and twirl on the ground.

Little Brushwood was eager to bite at each one,

Mom watched them float down as they glistened in the sun.

Some would land on the ground before her pup could get

Every last bubble that was soapy and wet.

The October Fundraiser

Saturday’s the day of the fundraising event.

It was in the church parking lot under a tent.

The helpers wore special brown antlers of reindeer.

Little Pup’s head was too small; he got bunny ears.

This was to help in raising money for a need,

The Pastor said we were all doing a good deed.

Lots of hungry people had come out to enjoy,

The food on sale for ev’ry adult, girl and boy.

There are cupcakes and brownies and snow-cones to eat.

Someone even made a large gingerbread house treat.

Little Pup was proud to help with this worthy cause,

He does what he can with his Little Brushwood paws.

The Dance Moves

Pup scampered into the kitchen on a mission.

This was so important he hoped, at least wishin’.

He wanted to show Mom his new silly dance moves.

Pup jumped and twirled and did some wild spinning dance grooves.

Mom was laughing out loud at her Little Brushwood.

That’s when Mom joined in with her Pup, as up she stood.

Little Brushwood then bowed and scampered even more.

Stopping first, and then quickly running towards the door.

He stopped his fast dash just shy of his water bowl

Still not stopping Little Pup from doing a roll.

All this excitement made Pup thirsty for a drink.

So he lapped up some water, giving Mom a wink.

The Warm Summer.

Little Brushwood wondered about the summer heat.

He has enjoyed the cool water and food to eat.

It’s been a very long time without any rain.

But he thought it would be better to not complain.

So Little Brushwood looked for his favorite toy,

And bounced it towards his Mom for a full day of Joy.

It was a large black ball that rolled throughout the home.

As he chased it, he left no place for him to roam.

Mom giggled as she watched her cute young pup playing,

Acting out his fun soccer player role-playing.

Mom then reached down to pick up her pup’s large black ball,

And confined his playfulness to the home’s long hall.

The Brother Across Town

Along with Little Brushwood a brother was born.

Everything he played with was both ripped and torn.

His Papa named him Trouble ‘cuz he seemed just that.

When love was shown to Trouble, he’d go for your hat.

Trouble loved to jump and do a dance on the lawn.

Then he’d get tired, lay down and let out a yawn.

He seemed excited and bored all at the same time.

But when it’s time to come in, he’d let out a whine.

Little Brushwood came to encourage his brother,

To act in a way to be nice to each other.

Trouble thought a minute and finally agreed.

Now Trouble can show his kindness and take the lead.

The Friendly Picture

The doorbell rang; turns out it’s the neighbor’s young child,

Standing in the doorway foot turned inward; hair wild.

“I’ve drawn a picture of Little Pup for your fridge.”

Adding with a huge smile “He’s standing on a bridge!”

Mom thought and said “This is such a kind thing to do.”

And then said “I’ll display this sweet picture you drew.”

The child grinned from ear to ear with a new stature,

As Mom went to the fridge and put up the picture.

The child asked if Little Pup could come out to play.

Mom said “He will soon after his short nap today.”

And this is the day when a young child from next door,

Became a friend to Little Pup forevermore.

The Kitchen Noise

A strange noise in the kitchen woke Pup with a start!

It sounded like loud pulse noises moments apart.

Little Brushwood ran scampering to find his Mom.

When he found her in the kitchen, she looked quite calm.

She was standing at the counter making a treat,

Something for herself and something for Pup to eat.

Mom had made a puppy smoothie for her young pup,

And also made herself oatmeal in a large cup.

Mom poured the smoothie in Little Brushwood’s floor bowl,

Then sat down eating breakfast while wrapped in her stole.

Mom liked to pray softly over the breakfast meal,

A nice way to start the day with a grateful feel.