Little Brushwood's Blog

watercolor painting of Little Brushwood in a frame

Hi, I'm Little Brushwood!

I’m a Shiba Inu.

Maybe someday I will be all grown up, but today I am just a Little Pup.

Here are some stories I’d like to tell you, about the things that I happily do.

So pick up these books for your very own. Please read them to your kids until they’re grown!

The Hide and Seek Game

One of the fun things Little Brushwood gets to do

Is run around his backyard in the morning dew.

He used to like playing at the end of each day,

But now his favorite is backyard morning play.

Mom would get up early for her daily routine

As Little Pup would try to hide and not be seen.

Mom and Little Brushwood would play near the tall slide,

Then Mom would sit on the swing and enjoy a ride.

Little Pup would bark and give away where he was,

But soon come dance in the open on all four paws.

The backyard’s a great place to play safely and run,

And a hide and seek game is great Little Pup fun.