Little Brushwood's Blog

watercolor painting of Little Brushwood in a frame

Hi, I'm Little Brushwood!

I’m a Shiba Inu.

Maybe someday I will be all grown up, but today I am just a Little Pup.

Here are some stories I’d like to tell you, about the things that I happily do.

So pick up these books for your very own. Please read them to your kids until they’re grown!

The Backyard Apple Tree

The smells of the fall season are filling the air,

And the backyard apple tree has apples to share.

Little Pup would sit under the trees cooling shade,

To take a break from the backyard games he had played.

Some days the noon sun would be very bright and warm,

But sitting under the tree kept him cool and calm.

Little Brushwood sat still in the soft gentle breeze,

And then simply laid down and fell asleep with ease.

Mom looked from the window at Pup sleeping outside,

And with a grin said “I just cannot stay inside.”

She watched Pup sleep, while drinking cocoa from her cup,

Knowing apple picking waits for pup to wake up.

The Fair Balloons

Little Brushwood knew from the new smells in the air,

The time had arrived to go to the County Fair.

The fair had been set up at the big park in town,

And Mom played her part dressed up as a happy clown.

Mom would get up early to gather her supplies,

As she loves to hand balloons to the girls and boys.

As each child would receive their very own balloon,

Little Pup would dance to the fair’s musical tunes.

“Thank you” were the kind words everyone would say,

As Mom gave most of the balloons away today.

Little Pup walked home attached by the last balloon,

And Mom would again look like his Mom very soon.

The Sudsy Day

Little Brushwood saw the car all sudsy and wet,

The car was parked underneath the basketball net.

Mom had three buckets, some rags and a garden hose,

And was getting sudsed up from her head to her toes.

Little Brushwood could only watch from the inside,

As both of Mom’s arms stretched out to clean really wide.

It was good to start the cleaning from the top down,

So all the suds would end up sliding towards the ground.

Finally Mom’s car became all shiny and clean,

And that is the way she liked her car to be seen.

The tools to clean were returned to a garage shelf,

As she next came inside to get cleaned up herself.

The Pizza Party

Gathering together for food was a delight,

It made Mom’s smile on her face very very bright.

She ordered the pizza for this special party,

For her friends named Penelope, Jill, and Marty.

They shared something that kept them friends with each other,

It was that their pups all came from the same mother.

What a blessing to share this common bond with friends,

And each understanding this friendship never ends.

Pup loved playing today with his older siblings,

Showing how he spins, barks, and jumps as his Mom sings.

Having a Shiba that’s been adopted is great,

Making this party that much better as they ate.

The Day of Remembrance

Today is a day for Little Pup to treasure.

Its importance goes beyond all other measure.

To remember those lost this Memorial Day.

Mom and Little Brushwood would go somewhere to pray,

They didn’t go too far to join in with the crowd,

With that many people, it wasn’t even loud.

Mom sprawled out a small blanket for her little pup,

So he sat on it while Mom remained standing up.

Quietly a man came to speak to the people,

As Mom looked up towards the church and its tall steeple.

It felt so good to pause and remember this day,

‘Cuz our hearts feel better when we gather to pray.

The Silly Faces

Little Brushwood was known for his silly faces.

He would make them at different times and places.

One day at the park he saw a jumping squirrel.

It ran around the ground and then did a fast twirl.

Little Brushwood tried to give the squirrel a big grin,

But the speedy squirrel quickly ran away from him.

He then noticed a child on the slide at the park.

He tried one more smile, but it was only a bark.

The child was happy to hear a puppy nearby,

And came over to see Little Brushwood’s smile try.

He introduced himself by saying “I’m Willy!”

And he and Little Pup made faces so silly.

The Best Toy Ever

Little Pup received a fluffy new toy today.

It was bright and colorful in every way.

Getting it out the box became a small chore,

But Little Brushwood knew it was his toy for sure.

After Mom started opening the box for him,

It was not long for pup to sniff and give a grin.

Mom finally handed Little Pup his new toy,

And by the way he played, you could see his pure joy.

Mom cleaned up all of the packaging and the box,

While Little Pup ran away in his knitted socks.

Pup loves his new toy to add to his collection,

Because Mom gave it with her love and affection.

The Garden Gnome

Mom went outside to gather up her garden tools.

Little Brushwood came along carrying some spools.

The spools were strings of seeds for this year’s new garden,

To plant in the ground that is no longer hardened.

Mom picked up one small tool from the bucket she brought,

Then knelt down near the very large landscaping rock.

She dug in the dirt and created a short trench,

As Little Pup watched from the nearby garden bench.

Mom reach for the spool that Little Pup had carried,

Laying it in the hole for it to be buried.

When she finished, she pulled out the last thing from home,

And added the funny hat-wearing garden gnome.

The Overnight Snowfall

Little Brushwood was let outside to run around,

As Mom saw some snow fell overnight to the ground.

Pup was wearing his new green colored knitted socks,

Stopping short of a few front yard landscaping rocks.

Last night’s snowfall had blanketed the whole front lawn,

Making even the sidewalk look completely gone.

Mom had brought her shovel to remove the fresh snow,

Shoveling it away with each step as she’d go.

Little Brushwood found it fun to watch the snow fly,

As Mom tried returning the cold snow to the sky.

Soon the path was cleared from the house to the driveway,

So that they could visit Grandma on her birthday.

The Hide and Seek Game

One of the fun things Little Brushwood gets to do

Is run around his backyard in the morning dew.

He used to like playing at the end of each day,

But now his favorite is backyard morning play.

Mom would get up early for her daily routine

As Little Pup would try to hide and not be seen.

Mom and Little Brushwood would play near the tall slide,

Then Mom would sit on the swing and enjoy a ride.

Little Pup would bark and give away where he was,

But soon come dance in the open on all four paws.

The backyard’s a great place to play safely and run,

And a hide and seek game is great Little Pup fun.