Little Brushwood's Blog

watercolor painting of Little Brushwood in a frame

Hi, I'm Little Brushwood!

I’m a Shiba Inu.

Maybe someday I will be all grown up, but today I am just a Little Pup.

Here are some stories I’d like to tell you, about the things that I happily do.

So pick up these books for your very own. Please read them to your kids until they’re grown!

The Candy Donation

The kids that knocked on the front door have come and gone,

Each leaving singing a “I got some candy!” song.

Not all of the treats were given out to the kids,

And so they were put inside containers with lids.

The next day Mom gathered up all of the candy,

To give to a boy at the shelter named Andy.

They met his Mom a few months back at the town mall,

His Mom was in the wheelchair where Mom bought the ball.

Little Pup gave candy to kids at the front door,

But Mom wanted to give it away just once more.

Little Brushwood enjoyed meeting up with Andy,

And giving him the very large bag of candy.

The Last Lakeside Day

A maze of pool floaties were scattered on the floor,

Making Little Brushwood’s steps a bit of a chore.

He wandered around looking for a place to wait,

While Mom put everything in a travel crate.

They stopped at the grocer to pick up picnic food,

So as to enjoy the lakeside in a good mood.

Mom spread out a blanket and set out the supplies,

While Little Brushwood looked around with dancing eyes.

The beachfront was filled with children and families,

And off the lake came a soft gentle southern breeze.

Some people came over to pet Little Brushwood,

Making the day at the beach just that much more good.

The Steep Stairs

Inside the house Grandma owns are very steep stairs,

That Mom goes down slowly when she carries housewares.

One step at a time is the safest way to go,

While ducking her head from the ceiling that is low.

Little Brushwood watches Mom from the bottom step,

As she carries a box filled with things Grandma kept.

Little Pup barks as Mom makes it to the main floor,

She then turns around to make sure to close the door.

Mom walks to the kitchen with pup not far behind,

Placing the old box down to see what she did find.

Mom pulled out soft yarn mallets and a xylophone,

And played a song bringing music to Grandma’s home.

The Day at the Mall

Little Brushwood likes to chew on a lot of things,

Sometimes they are things that he finds or his Mom brings.

One day while they were out shopping at the town mall,

They went to look for a new chew toy and small ball.

Mom also bought a tasty flavored puppy bone,

Then she bought herself a chocolate ice cream cone.

Inside the mall there was a bench where she sat down,

Watching all the people shopping from around town.

The mall was busy with people everywhere,

And then a nice lady came by in a wheelchair.

The lady stopped and spoke with Mom for a short while,

Making today’s mall shopping end with a nice smile.

The Great Bicycle Ride

Mom and Little Pup used her bike to go riding,

She searched in the garage for where it was hiding.

One thing that Mom knows is exactly what it takes,

It’s working on her own bicycle and it’s brakes.

Each year she oils up the chain and spins the pedals,

While checking the wires and the bolt and nut metals.

She first put Little Brushwood in the front basket,

Then secured her drink with an attached bike gasket.

Mom’s short ride would only take her 2 miles away,

Because she’s helping a friend with her bike today.

Her friend has learned how to ride without any help,

And is now riding for the first time by herself.

The Old Photo Album

Little Brushwood stood looking up at the bookshelf,

Wondering which book his Mom will pick for herself.

As Mom walked over to take her favorite book,

Actually it’s a photo album she took.

She sat down in her cushioned comfortable chair,

Inviting Little Pup up and pulled back her hair.

She opened the album to reveal the pictures,

With some old colorful and black and white mixtures.

Each page that was turned offered a new and fun scene,

As from ages ago some were losing their sheen.

Mom would talk about each picture along the way,

And with Little Brushwood on her lap, a good day.

The Beautiful Dress

Little Brushwood sat at the foot of his Mom’s bed,

Trying to understand the words his Mom had said.

His head slightly tilted and his eyes showed he cared,

As Mom described the feelings of a friendship shared.

Mom used the big mirror to help style up wild hairs,

While speaking about two great friends waiting downstairs.

Occasionally Little Pup would hear Mom sigh,

But he’d quietly listen with his ears perked high.

“I’m the Maid of Honor at tomorrow’s wedding,

And that means I am involved, not just attending.”

Mom longed to wear the beautiful dress on the bed,

Saying “I’ll be back.” and hugged her little pup’s head.

The Shiba Tumbleweed

Mom brushed Little Brushwood as she hummed a sweet song,

And she noticed that her pup’s hair was getting long.

Little Pup laid still with a wiggle once or twice,

But enjoyed having his fur brushed; it felt so nice.

The pile of Shiba fur was growing really big,

And Mom even put some on her head as a wig.

When Mom was done creating a large pile of fur,

A wind gust blew the mound causing Mom to shout “Grr!”

Pup ran after the large Shiba fur tumbleweed,

As Mom chased both with the rolling fur in the lead.

A few moments later she said with a small smile,

“I will remember the tumbling Shiba fur pile.”

The Wheelchair Delivery

Little Brushwood came close to see Mom on the phone,

As he carried in his mouth his squeaky toy bone.

Mom wrote down an address of a friend that she knew,

And said to Little Pup “We have something to do.”

Little Brushwood dropped his toy and whispered a bark,

As he wondered if they are going to the park.

Mom and her pup walked to a neighbor’s house nearby,

To help with the box from the delivery guy.

Once the box was carried inside her neighbor’s home,

Mom then gave Little Brushwood his squeaky toy bone.

She went on to assemble the brand new wheelchair,

For her friend who needed it for personal care.