Little Brushwood's Blog

watercolor painting of Little Brushwood in a frame

Hi, I'm Little Brushwood!

I’m a Shiba Inu.

Maybe someday I will be all grown up, but today I am just a Little Pup.

Here are some stories I’d like to tell you, about the things that I happily do.

So pick up these books for your very own. Please read them to your kids until they’re grown!

The Shiba Tumbleweed

Mom brushed Little Brushwood as she hummed a sweet song,

And she noticed that her pup’s hair was getting long.

Little Pup laid still with a wiggle once or twice,

But enjoyed having his fur brushed; it felt so nice.

The pile of Shiba fur was growing really big,

And Mom even put some on her head as a wig.

When Mom was done creating a large pile of fur,

A wind gust blew the mound causing Mom to shout “Grr!”

Pup ran after the large Shiba fur tumbleweed,

As Mom chased both with the rolling fur in the lead.

A few moments later she said with a small smile,

“I will remember the tumbling Shiba fur pile.”