Little Brushwood's Blog

watercolor painting of Little Brushwood in a frame

Hi, I'm Little Brushwood!

I’m a Shiba Inu.

Maybe someday I will be all grown up, but today I am just a Little Pup.

Here are some stories I’d like to tell you, about the things that I happily do.

So pick up these books for your very own. Please read them to your kids until they’re grown!

The Day to Stay Home

Mom and Little Brushwood decided to stay home,

Mom had a sniffle and a cough with a low tone.

She’d caught a cold from the winters blustery air,

So she curled up and rested in her comfy chair.

That’s when Little Brushwood came to lay at her feet,

His fur and warm body helped Mom drift off to sleep.

He felt good to show loving care for someone else,

Little Brushwood chose to do that all by himself.

When Mom woke up she saw Little Brushwood asleep,

He was lying so peacefully on her warm feet.

Little Brushwood awoke and looked up at his Mom,

She said “Thank you Little Pup for keeping me warm.”