Little Brushwood's Blog

watercolor painting of Little Brushwood in a frame

Hi, I'm Little Brushwood!

I’m a Shiba Inu.

Maybe someday I will be all grown up, but today I am just a Little Pup.

Here are some stories I’d like to tell you, about the things that I happily do.

So pick up these books for your very own. Please read them to your kids until they’re grown!

The Leaf Pile

Little Brushwood couldn’t count the leaves in that pile,

But he wanted to play for just a little while.

So he jumped in with all four paws spread out quite wide,

To see how deep the large pile of leaves was inside.

To nearly the bottom did Little Brushwood sink,

But then popped up his head and gave a smiling wink.

It’s amazing to jump in the leaves once or twice,

So happy to do it before the snow and ice.

Now his fur is full of colorful leaves and twigs,

But he soon leapt from the pile to do zags and zigs.

How is he to go inside with leaves on his fur?

Only Mom could now fix Pup’s coat, that is for sure.