Little Brushwood Visits Grandma

Little Brushwood Visits Grandma is a heartwarming short story of love and grace. This book describes how a visit by Little Brushwood on a special day for Grandma, offers a great way to start a new friendship. Little Brushwood’s human Mom takes him to Grandma’s new house for a kind and sweet visit.

This is the first in the series of Brian and Jen Garrison’s Little Brushwood books, and the hope is you like it as much as those who have already read it. Enjoy!

Written by Brian & Jen Garrison
Illustrations by Tom Foty


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8×10″ soft-cover book
32 pages including two coloring book pages
Suggested age: 3–7 years old

ISBN 978-1-7360853-0-1


10 reviews for Little Brushwood Visits Grandma

  1. Becky

    I like this book a lot. The story and artwork are sweet, colorful, and true-to-life.

    It will certainly evoke emotion, requests for explanation by children and allow for a better understanding of more of the veteran issues that happen and how the memories are stored and then retrieved and remembered.

    Kids (or adults!) will be able to color Little Brushwood on the back pages and share with others if they wish.

    Lots of great qualities in a children’s book!

  2. Karen

    WE LOVE THE BOOK! It’s beautiful! Such a sweet Grandma face and Little Brushwood is adorable!

  3. Michelle

    It’s a very sweet story and great message!

  4. Lynne

    I just received your newly published book. It is beautiful! I felt like I was right in the book myself! The story and illustrations remind me of visiting my own grandmothers.

  5. Monica

    Great book, Brian and Jen! Perfect word level for our 2nd grader to read and such sweet pictures to go with it. Lots of love is expressed through it. Keep writing and publishing.

  6. Mary

    I just glanced through the cover page of your book. Its attractive and makes me want to read it. My kids are grown. But I work with Many moms and dads who I can share your website with. Keep writing.

  7. Megan

    This is a gem of a book! It is beautifully written and illustrated. The story and pictures spark deeper conversations with our four year old, and she just loves that little pup! The back pages for coloring are a real hit! As a military veteran family, we find this book to be a real blessing. Thank you!

  8. Nicole

    We just received our book yesterday and read it to our 2 young boys. They loved it! It is a great storyline accompanied by great illustrations. They woke up and asked if we could read it again before school. Definitely a hit in our household and we will be reading this many more times. Great job Brian and Jen!

  9. Molly

    Excellent story and illustrations. A great educational tool for young minds.

  10. Angela

    This was an adorable book. It’s well written and the illustrations are amazing!

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