Little Brushwood's Blog

watercolor painting of Little Brushwood in a frame

Hi, I'm Little Brushwood!

I’m a Shiba Inu.

Maybe someday I will be all grown up, but today I am just a Little Pup.

Here are some stories I’d like to tell you, about the things that I happily do.

So pick up these books for your very own. Please read them to your kids until they’re grown!

The Out of Town Farm

When Mom and Little Pup had decided to go

To the Farm outside of town with horses to show.

They got inside the car and drove a little while,

To see the farm which had a horse trail for a mile.

When they arrived they saw something to their surprise,

The horses were smaller than the usual size.

Little Brushwood leapt from the car past Mom’s stretched arm,

To see the miniature horses at the farm.

He ran straight to the corral to see one small horse,

As Mom followed behind with an apple, of course.

Little Pup met a miniature horse today,

And let out a bark, while the horse let out a neigh.